Thanks for contacting me.
Please read below for notices for booking.

– Only available in Japan to get a tattoo
from me, not thinking of any other countries to guest work at.

– One day sessions may take up to 7 hours
(Bookings will be accepted from 2 days in a row)
-My style needs a bigger canvas to tattoo.
Priority given to bigger projects.
(Mainly double sleeves, back pieces,
upper body front, and full body suits)
-Not booking for small pieces, such as one-point,
A4 size, half sleeve size

-Out of respect for other artists
I refuse designs like:
• Copied, look a like design
• Complete the work of other artists.
• Space Fillers
– About the designs, I want to focus on my own designs.
I respectly refuse service for:
A person who is overly nitpicky.
•A person who is so overly sensitive.

•A person who is demanding.
(I did not study for spiritual designs,
I’m afraid I can not take bookings for anything like that)
– before bookings i will ask about your design idea and image
but I can not show the design picture prior the session.

– Thank you for reading the information
and if you understood all above it.
Write down your name, ages and where you are coming from.
I will send you back an Email about all the information.

Thank you.

    Currently, there are many inquiries and it may take several years to reply. but we will be sure to answer it.
    Nissaco 12th of October 2023